Yay for water

This week was surprisingly good, despite how rainy it was. We got soaked many times and my shoes are probably done for.


Today it rained a TON. We played basketball at the church for most of the day and then went over to Brother M.’s house for a lesson in the evening time. He picked us up this time because it was raining so badly. The lesson went well and he even brought some pizza so we got a meal out of it.


Today we had DDM which I think went pretty well. We had the ZL’s attending so there were actually people here and it felt like a real DDM. It rained the rest of the day and was pretty lame. We did get in contact with an old former investigator who was really cool, so that was good!


Today we went on exchanges with the ZL’s. It rained all day but I was in a car in the ZL’s area so I didn’t get wet, which was nice for a change. We visited a bunch of people and I pretty much just sat there during the lessons because they were in Spanish. We ended the day by teaching English class which was fun and easy because the curriculum is made for English speaking teachers.


Today was really good. We had an appointment with a lady named L. that we had found earlier and it went pretty well. She has family in Utah that are LDS and she had some definite interest in our church. We have a return appointment for this upcoming week so hopefully things go well there.

After that appointment we did a lot of finding and found 3 new people to teach and set up appointments for this upcoming week. Good stuff all around.


Today was good, although we had a couple appointments cancel which was a bummer. Nothing too crazy happened either.


So today we did a ton of biking and finding. We found a couple new people to teach, hopefully they keep their return appointments this upcoming week. It was very hot today and I successfully tired myself out.

We ended our day by visiting an older lady in our ward who doesn’t have a lot of visitors. We talked to her for a while and she was a really awesome person! Her husband isn’t a member so we are hoping to do some work there.


Today was fun but not too successful. We got invited over to the C.’s house for lunch because they had a non-member there. It was a lot of fun and nice to actually have a meal in a members home for once. It is hard to get to know members without having meals with them, so it was a good opportunity to do so. The non-member wasn’t really interested, but we at least got to form some member relationships.

After that we got hit with a nasty thunderstorm and fled to the indoors until it wore off. It was probably one of the scariest ones I have seen here. The rest of the evening was pretty slow.
So this week was good. We found a ton of people and while we haven’t had any immediate success, we hope to have some success with the people we found last week, this week. Our formerly progressing investigator L. has lost interest. We are probably going to be dropping him this week which is unfortunate, but it is just one of the realities of missionary work.
Anyway, that is my week. It may not sound like it but this was probably one of the better weeks we have had here. Good things are starting to happen, which means I am probably about to leave. I guess we will see in a few weeks though.

stay hydrated,

Elder Jeremiah Brown



Humid happiness

So this week was pretty good. I worked my rear end off and I am still recovering from a couple days this week.

On Monday we did nothing for P-Day. It was kinda refreshing honestly. We just napped and sat around, and for once in the last year of my life I did absolutely nothing because I could. It has been a long time since I have done that so I guess it was refreshing.

On Tuesday nothing too crazy happened. We biked a ton and didn’t see too much success. The biggest thing is that we met a really nice lady and she wanted us to come back again to visit with her. Hopefully something comes out of it.

On Wednesday we went to visit a referral we got that didn’t seem too interested but she ended up being way awesome! By the end of our visit she decided that she wanted to look into our church and meet with us to see what we believe in. It was pretty awesome.

On Thursday we did service for PAALS like usual and had apartment inspections. That was most of the day. We were at this apartment complex and some random lady behind her door screamed at us and told us to get away from her door. She called us Jesus haters. I didn’t realize we were Jesus haters. I learn new things every day from these people.

Friday was a pretty hard day. We did a ton of biking and we hardly had any success. Actually, we didn’t have any success. It was super hot and I tired myself out badly.

Saturday was very tiring but very fun. We decided to bike out to the outskirts of our area and see people we haven’t visited before. We actually had a decent amount of success and we found some cool new people to teach. We also found some really wacky people. This one guy offered us some water so obviously we accepted. I thought it was going to be normal bottled water but he came outside and was like “sorry guyyys, you are going to have to share.” He gave us this water bottle that was half full of frozen dirty water. I thought it was a joke for a second but then I realized he was genuinely trying to be nice.

Anyways, we biked on a ton of country roads and ended up going like 33 miles. I am still recovering from Saturday because of how hot it was outside and how hilly it was out there.

Sunday was good stuff. Church was awesome as usual and we had a great attendance. We weren’t able to get anyone to church though. I was tired the entire day from Saturday, and it didn’t help that it rained most of the day. We went out for a little while and got soaked, so we ended up doing a lot of calling and scheduling.

I guess this week was pretty good. L. has lost some interest in meeting with us and it has been a lot harder to get a hold of him. Hopefully this week we will be able to reignite that interest. We will see.

Anyway, I gotta go. Tune in next week for more of my life.


Elder Jeremiah Brown

Yay for disease

Welp this week was interesting. Lot’s of weird stuff happened.

It was a bit of a difficult week. For a little while we thought that our area might be getting a car, then we found out that wouldn’t be happening. Then for a bit we thought our area would be getting closed down, which didn’t end up happening either.

I was sick on Thursday and it was pretty bad. I think it must have just been a 24 hour flu or something because it went away pretty quickly, but I was out of it for a day. I literally slept for 21 hours of the day.

The best thing that happened this week was that we got L. to the addiction recovery class and he really loved it! When we were leaving the class he told us that he had a really good feeling at our church and wanted to make it his home church. Those are great words to hear.

On Saturday we biked a ton. Somehow we ended up on this dirt road in the middle of nowhere, and we had the weirdest thing happen. As we were biking down the dirt road I looked behind us and saw a Prius following us slowly enough behind us that the engine wasn’t running so we couldn’t hear it. It drove up to us and this weird cross dresser dude rolled down his window and wanted to know what we did as missionaries. We gave him the usual talk and then this random dude walked out of the bushes next to us, walked past, and then went back into the bushes. After that the guy in the Prius lost interest quickly and drove off without really any goodbye. I am pretty sure we were going to get robbed but the random guy that appeared out of nowhere ruined Mr. Cross dresser’s plans so he just left.

Then, minutes later, Elder N.’s bike seat literally snapped off of his bike. It was just a weird day I guess.

L. wasn’t able to come to church on Sunday because I got him sick. Yay for disease. He should be coming next week.

On Sunday we went to go visit this family in the more ghetto part of town and as we walked around the corner of the apartment to their place, I immediately regretted coming to see them. They were throwing a raging party and almost everybody there was completely hammered. One guy wearing a Bob Marley shirt came up to me and said “Brah, I respect you,” probably 60 times. He kept grabbing my hand and pulling me aside and showing me the Jesus tattoo’s on his chest and saying he respected us. I finally got away from him but he found me again and grabbed my shoulder and whispered in my ear “Brah… respect…” His breath was straight Marijuana, and he was being completely serious too. I finally escaped him but then this lady started screaming gospel music in my face so then I had to deal with her. Drunk people are literally the stupidest.

Elder N. and I will be staying together another transfer, as expected. The end of this transfer will make 6 months here in Columbia, again. So a year total in Columbia. I’m pretty sure I’ve been in Columbia so long because I’m supposed to learn something. I would never have chosen Columbia of all places in SC to spend half my mission, but it’s all good.

Anyway, those are the big things that happened this week. I can’t think of much else to say.

Well, until next week,


Elder Jeremiah Brown​​



We LOVED Skype-ing with Jeremiah on Mother’s Day!  We got to hear from his mouth more detailed accounts of the events he described in his email which were pretty humorous.  We took this “family picture” with him while talking.  That was our last Skype until we see him in person in December!  



Swimming on a bike

Honestly I don’t know where this week went. I can hardly even remember what happened, but there were definitely some cool things.

On Tuesday we had exchanges and Elder B. came here with me. It was pretty fun because Elder B. and I have a lot of similar interests in film and stuff like that. On our exchange we met someone who watched this futuristic Sci-Fi show that apparently involves the Mormon religion a bunch. In the show the Mormons decide they want to colonize another planet so they make a space ship called the “Nauvoo” to go and settle somewhere else. The ship has an Angel Moroni on top of it! We got a good laugh when we heard about that. But it’s literally in a big TV show (I can’t remember the name of it). I thought that was pretty cool.

On Wednesday we did service for SBP which was good. It was less fun than usual though because all we did was sand the dry wall down, which got really old and I was sneezing dust for days.

Thursday it poured rain. We basically went swimming. I am still trying to dry off my shoes from it. We didn’t see too much success but we got to talk to a couple of people.

On Friday we also got rained on. Nothing else too crazy happened and it was a pretty slow day overall.

Saturday things started picking up. We had an unplanned service opportunity happen with a community service organization for the area picking up trash and refurbishing public benches. That was pretty fun and we got to meet some cool people and talk to them about the church.

Sunday was AWESOME! We weren’t able to get L. to church but he should be coming next week. What made Sunday awesome is that we had a really cool experience after church.

So we were biking down the road and all of the sudden a guy in a yellow Camaro shouted out that he wanted a Book of Mormon. He pulled off of the side of the road and talked to us and he was very interested in reading it and finding out if it was true! I have never had someone stop me and sincerely ask for a Book of Mormon and show interest in the church until now. Apparently he had a few LDS friends and was looking into other religions. I am glad we were there at that time otherwise we would never have run into him.

Literally at the exact same moment he waved us down, someone else on the other side of the road waved us down as well and asked for help. So after we talked to the Camaro guy, we went over and talked to the other people. It was a family from Tennessee who had saved up their money to come down to SC to see Myrtle beach. Their car had broken down and they had to spend all of their saved money on parts to fix the car, and then another part of the car broke and they were stranded. I always hate when people ask for money because I can’t help them, but this time something different happened.

As missionaries, we are discouraged from giving money to needy people for many reasons, so I avoid these situations like the plague. It was really hard but I had to tell them that from a financial standpoint, I could not help them. Usually when I tell this to people they just say ok, and just move on to the next person for money, but this mom surprised me. She asked us to pray for them, and that really took me back. It made me realize that this family was not just looking to get financial support, but really wanted help from God. After we prayed, I remembered that I had $3 cash in my pocket, so I gave it to them in hopes they could get some food. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but she broke down in tears and thanked us for our help. They told us that they would probably be here for a few weeks trying to get a job and save up some money to get home, so we invited them to church this Sunday. They said they would definitely come! They said there must be a reason they were stopped here, so there had to be something here for them.

Anyway, that was the week. This upcoming week is looking to be really good! I am excited to see what happens. Until next week,


Elder Jeremiah Brown

I Am Melting

This week was pretty alright. It’s starting to get pretty hot. It was kind of a depressing week until Sunday we started having some success and things are really looking up here!

Monday we went to Charleston and got Elder N’s doctor situation taken care of for good. It was nice getting that out of the way.

Tuesday we met up with the Elders formerly known as Sandhill, and discussed new area boundaries for a large majority of the day. We ended up just deciding to keep the same basic boundaries, after a long discussion. That was most of the day.

Wednesday and Thursday were pretty dull. Wednesday we had Zone Conference, which was good. That was pretty much the only notable thing that happened though. We had zero success the rest of Wednesday and Thursday the only notable thing that happened was doing service at PAALS. Honestly it was a pretty depressing couple of days. Probably the slowest I have had on my mission. It just seemed like nobody wanted to talk to us.

Friday we did service for SBP, which was fun. We sanded drywall for most of the time. Afterwards Elder N and I biked considerably far out into our area (which now includes the country because the Spanish/English car Elders aren’t in our ward anymore), and I biked on the most terrifying road I have biked on in my mission. It was basically a freeway and I will definitely not be biking there again.

We went to this weird neighborhood right outside of a high security insane asylum and a prison. It was so odd. The whole place was super run down and it felt like nothing had changed there in decades. I literally saw a live possum climb out of the bushes and look right at me. I have never seen a living one of those before, let alone a living one in broad daylight…

Anyway, I got a bad feeling after a little while of being there so we left immediately and biked home for the night.

Saturday was pretty good. It was a little slow but we were able to get in contact with a less active member who is deaf. I didn’t realize he was deaf at first and then when he started talking it all made sense. He told us that he didn’t come to church because he needed an interpreter. It really made me feel for deaf people. It really must be a hard life to live.

Sunday was awesome! The first official Sacrament meeting of the Summit Ward was very well attended and for the first time in probably years the overflow was opened up and it filled up as well! It almost felt like a ward out west. Our new Bishop is super awesome and really wants to make missionary work a big part of the ward. I am really excited to see where this ward goes, because good things are starting to happen.

After church, we had an appointment with a referral, L. We had a really great lesson with him and he expressed that he wanted to start getting back into church and wanted to be baptized! Pretty much a dream come true, and it saved this week from being the most depressing week of my mission ever. I am really excited to see where he goes!

Anyway, that was the week. It was pretty hard and sometimes discouraging but it ended on a good note, so all is well!

This week I was reading in 2 Nephi and as I was reading the famous Psalm of Nephi, something really cool stood out to me.

Nephi say’s

17 …O wretched man that I am! Yea, my heart sorroweth because of my flesh; my soul grieveth because of mine iniquities.

18 I am encompassed about, because of the temptations and the sins which do so easily beset me.

19 And when I desire to rejoice, my heart groaneth because of my sins; nevertheless, I know in whom I have trusted.

When Nephi said that he knew in whom he trusted, it really stuck out to me. Nephi, a prophet of God, someone who we see as an example, was harrowed up by his “iniquities.” It seems kinda silly to us almost, but Nephi did make mistakes. I can relate to Nephi, at least when it comes to being bothered by my mistakes a lot. However, what brings Nephi peace is remembering in “whom [he] trusted.” I think that’s really cool. When we evaluate ourselves we should ask ourselves, who we are trusting in? If we are trusting in the Lord in all things, and trying our best, we should not let our past mistakes and regrets bother us. Just a thought.

Whelp, I gotta go. Hope you all have a great week!

Stay crazy,

Elder Jeremiah Brown