Swimming on a bike

Honestly I don’t know where this week went. I can hardly even remember what happened, but there were definitely some cool things.

On Tuesday we had exchanges and Elder B. came here with me. It was pretty fun because Elder B. and I have a lot of similar interests in film and stuff like that. On our exchange we met someone who watched this futuristic Sci-Fi show that apparently involves the Mormon religion a bunch. In the show the Mormons decide they want to colonize another planet so they make a space ship called the “Nauvoo” to go and settle somewhere else. The ship has an Angel Moroni on top of it! We got a good laugh when we heard about that. But it’s literally in a big TV show (I can’t remember the name of it). I thought that was pretty cool.

On Wednesday we did service for SBP which was good. It was less fun than usual though because all we did was sand the dry wall down, which got really old and I was sneezing dust for days.

Thursday it poured rain. We basically went swimming. I am still trying to dry off my shoes from it. We didn’t see too much success but we got to talk to a couple of people.

On Friday we also got rained on. Nothing else too crazy happened and it was a pretty slow day overall.

Saturday things started picking up. We had an unplanned service opportunity happen with a community service organization for the area picking up trash and refurbishing public benches. That was pretty fun and we got to meet some cool people and talk to them about the church.

Sunday was AWESOME! We weren’t able to get L. to church but he should be coming next week. What made Sunday awesome is that we had a really cool experience after church.

So we were biking down the road and all of the sudden a guy in a yellow Camaro shouted out that he wanted a Book of Mormon. He pulled off of the side of the road and talked to us and he was very interested in reading it and finding out if it was true! I have never had someone stop me and sincerely ask for a Book of Mormon and show interest in the church until now. Apparently he had a few LDS friends and was looking into other religions. I am glad we were there at that time otherwise we would never have run into him.

Literally at the exact same moment he waved us down, someone else on the other side of the road waved us down as well and asked for help. So after we talked to the Camaro guy, we went over and talked to the other people. It was a family from Tennessee who had saved up their money to come down to SC to see Myrtle beach. Their car had broken down and they had to spend all of their saved money on parts to fix the car, and then another part of the car broke and they were stranded. I always hate when people ask for money because I can’t help them, but this time something different happened.

As missionaries, we are discouraged from giving money to needy people for many reasons, so I avoid these situations like the plague. It was really hard but I had to tell them that from a financial standpoint, I could not help them. Usually when I tell this to people they just say ok, and just move on to the next person for money, but this mom surprised me. She asked us to pray for them, and that really took me back. It made me realize that this family was not just looking to get financial support, but really wanted help from God. After we prayed, I remembered that I had $3 cash in my pocket, so I gave it to them in hopes they could get some food. I didn’t think it was that big of a deal, but she broke down in tears and thanked us for our help. They told us that they would probably be here for a few weeks trying to get a job and save up some money to get home, so we invited them to church this Sunday. They said they would definitely come! They said there must be a reason they were stopped here, so there had to be something here for them.

Anyway, that was the week. This upcoming week is looking to be really good! I am excited to see what happens. Until next week,


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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