Yay for disease

Welp this week was interesting. Lot’s of weird stuff happened.

It was a bit of a difficult week. For a little while we thought that our area might be getting a car, then we found out that wouldn’t be happening. Then for a bit we thought our area would be getting closed down, which didn’t end up happening either.

I was sick on Thursday and it was pretty bad. I think it must have just been a 24 hour flu or something because it went away pretty quickly, but I was out of it for a day. I literally slept for 21 hours of the day.

The best thing that happened this week was that we got L. to the addiction recovery class and he really loved it! When we were leaving the class he told us that he had a really good feeling at our church and wanted to make it his home church. Those are great words to hear.

On Saturday we biked a ton. Somehow we ended up on this dirt road in the middle of nowhere, and we had the weirdest thing happen. As we were biking down the dirt road I looked behind us and saw a Prius following us slowly enough behind us that the engine wasn’t running so we couldn’t hear it. It drove up to us and this weird cross dresser dude rolled down his window and wanted to know what we did as missionaries. We gave him the usual talk and then this random dude walked out of the bushes next to us, walked past, and then went back into the bushes. After that the guy in the Prius lost interest quickly and drove off without really any goodbye. I am pretty sure we were going to get robbed but the random guy that appeared out of nowhere ruined Mr. Cross dresser’s plans so he just left.

Then, minutes later, Elder N.’s bike seat literally snapped off of his bike. It was just a weird day I guess.

L. wasn’t able to come to church on Sunday because I got him sick. Yay for disease. He should be coming next week.

On Sunday we went to go visit this family in the more ghetto part of town and as we walked around the corner of the apartment to their place, I immediately regretted coming to see them. They were throwing a raging party and almost everybody there was completely hammered. One guy wearing a Bob Marley shirt came up to me and said “Brah, I respect you,” probably 60 times. He kept grabbing my hand and pulling me aside and showing me the Jesus tattoo’s on his chest and saying he respected us. I finally got away from him but he found me again and grabbed my shoulder and whispered in my ear “Brah… respect…” His breath was straight Marijuana, and he was being completely serious too. I finally escaped him but then this lady started screaming gospel music in my face so then I had to deal with her. Drunk people are literally the stupidest.

Elder N. and I will be staying together another transfer, as expected. The end of this transfer will make 6 months here in Columbia, again. So a year total in Columbia. I’m pretty sure I’ve been in Columbia so long because I’m supposed to learn something. I would never have chosen Columbia of all places in SC to spend half my mission, but it’s all good.

Anyway, those are the big things that happened this week. I can’t think of much else to say.

Well, until next week,


Elder Jeremiah Brown​​



We LOVED Skype-ing with Jeremiah on Mother’s Day!  We got to hear from his mouth more detailed accounts of the events he described in his email which were pretty humorous.  We took this “family picture” with him while talking.  That was our last Skype until we see him in person in December!  




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