Humid happiness

So this week was pretty good. I worked my rear end off and I am still recovering from a couple days this week.

On Monday we did nothing for P-Day. It was kinda refreshing honestly. We just napped and sat around, and for once in the last year of my life I did absolutely nothing because I could. It has been a long time since I have done that so I guess it was refreshing.

On Tuesday nothing too crazy happened. We biked a ton and didn’t see too much success. The biggest thing is that we met a really nice lady and she wanted us to come back again to visit with her. Hopefully something comes out of it.

On Wednesday we went to visit a referral we got that didn’t seem too interested but she ended up being way awesome! By the end of our visit she decided that she wanted to look into our church and meet with us to see what we believe in. It was pretty awesome.

On Thursday we did service for PAALS like usual and had apartment inspections. That was most of the day. We were at this apartment complex and some random lady behind her door screamed at us and told us to get away from her door. She called us Jesus haters. I didn’t realize we were Jesus haters. I learn new things every day from these people.

Friday was a pretty hard day. We did a ton of biking and we hardly had any success. Actually, we didn’t have any success. It was super hot and I tired myself out badly.

Saturday was very tiring but very fun. We decided to bike out to the outskirts of our area and see people we haven’t visited before. We actually had a decent amount of success and we found some cool new people to teach. We also found some really wacky people. This one guy offered us some water so obviously we accepted. I thought it was going to be normal bottled water but he came outside and was like “sorry guyyys, you are going to have to share.” He gave us this water bottle that was half full of frozen dirty water. I thought it was a joke for a second but then I realized he was genuinely trying to be nice.

Anyways, we biked on a ton of country roads and ended up going like 33 miles. I am still recovering from Saturday because of how hot it was outside and how hilly it was out there.

Sunday was good stuff. Church was awesome as usual and we had a great attendance. We weren’t able to get anyone to church though. I was tired the entire day from Saturday, and it didn’t help that it rained most of the day. We went out for a little while and got soaked, so we ended up doing a lot of calling and scheduling.

I guess this week was pretty good. L. has lost some interest in meeting with us and it has been a lot harder to get a hold of him. Hopefully this week we will be able to reignite that interest. We will see.

Anyway, I gotta go. Tune in next week for more of my life.


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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