Yay for water

This week was surprisingly good, despite how rainy it was. We got soaked many times and my shoes are probably done for.


Today it rained a TON. We played basketball at the church for most of the day and then went over to Brother M.’s house for a lesson in the evening time. He picked us up this time because it was raining so badly. The lesson went well and he even brought some pizza so we got a meal out of it.


Today we had DDM which I think went pretty well. We had the ZL’s attending so there were actually people here and it felt like a real DDM. It rained the rest of the day and was pretty lame. We did get in contact with an old former investigator who was really cool, so that was good!


Today we went on exchanges with the ZL’s. It rained all day but I was in a car in the ZL’s area so I didn’t get wet, which was nice for a change. We visited a bunch of people and I pretty much just sat there during the lessons because they were in Spanish. We ended the day by teaching English class which was fun and easy because the curriculum is made for English speaking teachers.


Today was really good. We had an appointment with a lady named L. that we had found earlier and it went pretty well. She has family in Utah that are LDS and she had some definite interest in our church. We have a return appointment for this upcoming week so hopefully things go well there.

After that appointment we did a lot of finding and found 3 new people to teach and set up appointments for this upcoming week. Good stuff all around.


Today was good, although we had a couple appointments cancel which was a bummer. Nothing too crazy happened either.


So today we did a ton of biking and finding. We found a couple new people to teach, hopefully they keep their return appointments this upcoming week. It was very hot today and I successfully tired myself out.

We ended our day by visiting an older lady in our ward who doesn’t have a lot of visitors. We talked to her for a while and she was a really awesome person! Her husband isn’t a member so we are hoping to do some work there.


Today was fun but not too successful. We got invited over to the C.’s house for lunch because they had a non-member there. It was a lot of fun and nice to actually have a meal in a members home for once. It is hard to get to know members without having meals with them, so it was a good opportunity to do so. The non-member wasn’t really interested, but we at least got to form some member relationships.

After that we got hit with a nasty thunderstorm and fled to the indoors until it wore off. It was probably one of the scariest ones I have seen here. The rest of the evening was pretty slow.
So this week was good. We found a ton of people and while we haven’t had any immediate success, we hope to have some success with the people we found last week, this week. Our formerly progressing investigator L. has lost interest. We are probably going to be dropping him this week which is unfortunate, but it is just one of the realities of missionary work.
Anyway, that is my week. It may not sound like it but this was probably one of the better weeks we have had here. Good things are starting to happen, which means I am probably about to leave. I guess we will see in a few weeks though.

stay hydrated,

Elder Jeremiah Brown



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