And another email

Well, it’s been a week. I am writing this email on my iPad so it is
going to be a little shorter than normal.

It wasn’t a very exciting week, so for those of you who don’t usually
read my emails but decided to read this one, don’t bother.

Basically I can sum this week up by saying that it was hot, sweaty and
filled with lots of biking, but I guess I will go into a little more
detail than that.

Monday was probably the worst P Day I have had. We sat in the doctors
office for hours because of a mess up in Elder N’s prescription. It
ended up ok but it wasted the entire day.

Tuesday we had exchanges with the Summit East elders which was good.
Elder B. and I found a lot of new people in his area.

Wednesday we exchanged back and then visited a bunch of people. We
ended up finding a couple new people to teach. Hopefully they will
keep their return appointments.

Thursday we did service for PAALS as usual. Nothing too crazy happened.

Friday we had service for SBP. We installed insulation in the crawl
space of a flooded house. It was pretty crazy but fun. We had to get
in full body protective suits and respirators and then crawl
underneath the house through the pipes and electronics. It was sick.

Saturday we did a lot of biking and finding. We found some new people
which was good.

Sunday was pretty good. We had a couple appointments cancel which was
annoying but the day was still really good.

Honestly it wasn’t a very exciting week. It wasn’t bad but nothing too
crazy happened. Hopefully next week will be better.

Anyway, I gotta go.


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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