Banished to Gaffrica

So the craziest thing happened this morning. We got a call from the AP’s and Elder N. and I are getting emergency transferred to Gaffney. Apparently there are some problems so we are replacing the missionaries there. I am kinda excited but also pretty disappointed because we finally have a ton of good stuff happening here and now we have to leave it all behind. Gaffney is basically banishment cause it is out in the middle of nowhere. They call it Gaffrica for a reason. It should be fun though, it should make for some stories. We leave on Wednesday so the next couple days will be pretty crazy.                                   (From a separate email to mom): Luckily the upstate (Gaffney is just out of Greenville) is a lot cooler than down here so we will get a bit of a break.

Anyway, I finished writing this email before we found this out, so the rest of this email won’t really match up with what is going to happen.

Monday was a normal P Day. Basketball, shopping, etc. Nothing too crazy happened in terms of missionary work. We mostly just prepped for the area change.

Tuesday was mother nature’s way of reminding us that we didn’t have a car yet, because it poured rain and was super muggy all day. It was a pretty rough day in terms of missionary work. I guess we had to have one more hard day of biking before we could get a car.

Wednesday was glorious. We went to transfers in the morning and got the car and everything figured out. After that we drove back and started exploring our new area. It is pretty weird having Sandhills as a part of our area. We lived in Sandhills when I was in Blythewood and I guess I have just spent a ton of time in this area. I have served in every single area now in Northeast Columbia. Basically I am the master of Columbia. Anyway, that was most of the day. I forgot how nice having a car is. It is pure bliss, especially in nasty hot weather.

Thursday our electronic area book got screwed up and we somehow got all of the Spanish Elder’s 600+ former investigators. We spent 90% of the day trying to figure out who was who and sorting everything out. It was kinda frustrating and exhausting and I ended up with a headache in the process. That was most of the day.

Friday we had a sweet lesson with S. and J. J., who were investigators we referred over to the Sandhills elders and now we are getting back with the area change. S. is really interested in the church and he has a crazy back story as to how he got to where he is. His friend in Alabama had been sharing the gospel with him for a long time now, and I guess now it is just the right time. Elder N. and I testified to S. about the truthfulness of the gospel and he readily agreed with what we had to say. He definitely felt the spirit and he knows that the church is right for him! He agreed to be baptized on July 8th, which is awesome! I actually had to convince him to push the baptism out until then because he wanted to be baptized this Saturday, which wasn’t very realistic. Good things are to come there.

After the lesson we got some dinner and then stopped by C. and D., some other investigators we inherited from Sandhills as well. They are really cool people and were on date for baptism previously but had to push it out because they work a lot on Sunday. They are really sincere about investigating the church though so we hopefully will find a way to get them to church. They have a ton of potential! That was most of the day.

Saturday we did a lot of planning and busy work. It was SUPER hot and humid, and man I was way glad we had a car because otherwise it would have been brutal. We knocked a bunch of doors, got bit by a bunch of mosquitos, and literally soaked ourselves just standing outside, but didn’t get to talk to very many people. You gotta love the summer in the south.

Sunday was pretty ok. S. J. had something come up and wasn’t able to make it to church, which was a disappointment. I wasn’t feeling very well all day so we had to take it slow. We visited the W.’s, which we hadn’t done in a while. They are doing ok. N. (W.’s wife) is in the last months of a difficult pregnancy and has been off and on with church. W. isn’t doing very well spiritually and was offended by a member of our ward so he hasn’t been coming lately. It is a little bit of a bummer but hopefully he will be able to work it out with himself.

Anyway, that was the week. We made some really good progress and it was super nice having a car of course.

Well I will talk more next week! I will definitely have a lot to talk about. It should be a crazy next couple of days.


Elder Jeremiah Brown

Lauren (Elder Brown’s sister) wondered about the significance of this picture.  We’re pretty sure the tie he is wearing is one that both his dad and grandpa wore on their missions.


In response to a question he was asked about how they bought groceries before having a car he responded:

To answer your question, we would just walk to the store. It was a pretty big pain but it was the only way we could do it. Biking with groceries was too unrealistic so we just walked.



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