Another week in the magical land of Gaffney

Well this week went by fast. It was kind of a boring week honestly. I look back and it is hard for me to pinpoint what happened. Time moves really weirdly out here.

On Monday we slept and I “skinnied” ties for P-Day. I have a whole bunch of fat ties I am trying to work through. It was a pretty low key day overall. In the evening we went to a family home evening with a less active family in the Ward. It was pretty cool and we got to know some more of the members here. Plus we got free food so that’s always good.

Tuesday was really fun. We had Zone conference in Greenville and got to meet President and Sister Innes for the first time. They are super awesome and I am excited to have them here for the next few months. They showed us a talk given at the mission presidents seminar by Elder Holland it was incredible! Easily one of the best talks I have heard him give and it really made an impression on me. You can’t get the full thing on but you can read part of it there. It is awesome.

At Zone Conference I got to see a lot of old missionary friends that I hadn’t seen in a long time, which was really cool. After Zone Conference because it was Independence day we had to go home for the rest of the evening. Basically it was a day of no missionary work.

On Wednesday we spent a good chunk of the day doing service for the L. family in our ward. We helped them clean up a bunch of scrap metal on their property and it was HEAVY. We had to move two old Ford engines that were probably about 50 years old and put them on a trailer. I am still a little bit sore from picking those up. We found out later that one of the engines weighed about 700 pounds and the other about 500. Crazy stuff.

After we did service we had to take our car in to get fixed. It was really dumb because we had to drive all the way down to Spartanburg and then they told us that we were going to have to come back another day, so we wasted a whole bunch of time. That took up most of the day and then we did a little bit of proselyting in the evening, but nothing too awesome happened.

Thursday we did service in the morning for Meals on Wheels, a non-for-profit organization here that delivers food to disabled people. We spent most of the time doing food prep and then they had us organize their walk in freezer, which was a lot of fun because we were freezing in the 105 degree heat. It’s pretty hot here, but luckily the upstate isn’t nearly as hot as Columbia so I am getting a break.

We did some proselyting for the rest of the afternoon and then we taught a mission prep class at the Bishop’s house for the rest of the evening. It was pretty good and I think we made a good impression on the Bishop and his family.

Friday we worked in a soup kitchen in the morning. We do a lot of service here in the mornings because there isn’t a whole lot to do in the early hours of the day. The soup kitchen was very interesting. Lots of interesting people and it definitely reminded me how poverty stricken some people are. It also reminded me that some people just choose to be that way for some reason.

The rest of the day was kinda slow. We have been going around trying to contact all of the formers and potential investigators in our areabook, which has proven to be either very eventful and crazy, or very, very slow.

Saturday morning Sister S. called and asked us to give one of her member friends a blessing, so we went over and did that. Afterward we worked the area around there, and I discovered new areas to never go to. There are some really really bad places in East Gaffney. We basically spent the entire day in East Gaffney visiting people and trying our best to get a feel of the area. The area is really odd geographically so I am still trying to figure out what this place is like. Lot’s of crazy mean people, lot’s of crazy nice people, but not a whole lot in between.

In the evening we got hit with a really bad thunderstorm and it made missionary work really hard. We ended up sitting in the car for over an hour waiting for it to be safe and smart to go outside to talk to people. We found a couple cool people and met some less active members which was good.

Sunday was alright. There were a lot of people at church, or at least it seemed like a lot because last week there was hardly anyone here. We spent a large chunk of the day inside because Elder N. was not feeling well, so I spent a lot of time putting together plans for the week.


Not the most interesting week for sure. On the bright side though, I saw fireflies for the first time and freaked out because I have always wanted to see them. I turned into a little kid for an evening.

Something really stood out to me this week in my studies. I was reading through Jacob chapter 5 and I had the thought that this chapter must have been a lot of work to write. Then I thought about how the chapter represented the labor the Lord has put into saving his children. The Lord really must love us if he is so willing to put so much work and love into “pruning his vineyard.” We are so blessed that the Lord is so long suffering and doesn’t just burn his vineyard to the ground, because honestly that is what I would be inclined to do. We should always strive to be the fruit that does not cause the Lord to mourn.

Anyways, that is all. Thanks for all the emails and I will talk more next week!

Bark bark,

Elder Jeremiah Brown

1. Me, Elder Volmar, Guzman, and Neff before we left Columbia. Guzman and Volmar were our Zone Leaders in Columbia.


2. Greenville and Greenville East Zones with President and Sister Innes



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