More Gaffney

So this week’s email is going to be short. I hardly have any time to type this out. We went down to Greenville today to go to a free trampoline park and we are just now getting back.

It’s been a hard couple of weeks. The work here is difficult but we are staying positive.

Anyway, here it is.


Today for P-Day we didn’t have much to do so we went around and hit all of the pawn shops in the area to see if we could find some weights for a bench press we have (which we never found). In the process we almost drove out of the mission on accident. Luckily we realized we were on the border right before hand so we stopped. We did, however, take this opportunity and get pictures in front of the North Carolina border line. And if you were wondering, no, I did not walk into North Carolina and leave the mission boundaries. That’s bad juju.


Today we had DDM and I trained on the subject of diligence and happiness. This is one of the hardest districts in the mission and it is really easy here to get unmotivated and lazy because the work is a little slow and literally nobody else is around to make sure we are behaving. The missionaries here lately have really been struggling and the overall morale is pretty low. Basically I am trying to get things moving forward here, so at DDM I tried to help the overall positivity of the district. I think it turned out ok.

Nothing else super noteworthy happened today. It was pretty slow in terms of proselyting.


Today we started the day by doing service for Habitat for Humanity. We helped mow some lawns and do some yard work. After that we went to ward coordination/lunch with Brother M., our ward mission leader. It was really good. He will be a great ward mission leader. We talked a lot about what had been happening in the ward lately and we found out a bit more about what went down before we left.

Afterward we did a little bit of proselyting and then went to Book of Mormon class. That was basically the entire day.

Thursday we did service for Meals on Wheels in the morning which was fun. We cut up like 30 different honey baked hams they had donated to them. It was good stuff. After that we went and did a ton of proselyting. We talked to a lot of people, which was good, but we really didn’t see a ton of success. Nothing too crazy happened besides us almost getting stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Friday we had weekly planning in the morning and took our car in to get it fixed. That took up a good chunk of the day and then we spent the rest of the day tracking. We talked to some cool people and made a little bit of progress.

Saturday we went to Spartanburg for a Zone DL meeting. It was pretty good and we learned some new things. The rest of the day we spent a lot of time in the country. Lots of crazy people and stuff. We set up some appointments which was good.

Sunday I gave a talk in church. I talked about how the Atonement of Jesus Christ can and should motivate us to do missionary work. I think it went pretty well and people seemed to like what I had to say.

After church we went and worked our rears off for the rest of the day. It paid off because we found some new people and got some great appointments set up for next week.

Anyway, sorry I was kinda vague and short with this email. I’ve had hardly any time to type this out.

Gotta go


Elder Jeremiah Brown

From his personal email to us:

Honestly things are kinda rough right now. The last few weeks have been some of the hardest weeks of my mission. We are doing our best to stay positive though.

Don’t worry about me too much though! I will be ok. Just keep me in your prayers because I will need them.


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