Proselyting in North Carolina

It has been a crazy week, but it has been awesome! This has definitely
been our best week here in Gaffney.

Monday we went fishing in our ward mission leader’s pond. I caught a
couple fish but I spent most of my time untangling my rod, which
wasn’t a shocker. In the evening we went to family home evening with
the E. family, a less active family in the ward. It was fun, and it
was good to get to know some of the members of the ward. After that we
went to hunt down our recent convert M. who we hadn’t seen in a
while. We didn’t find her but we found her mom and got to talk to her.
She was really nice and showed interest in meeting with us in the
future which was awesome!

Tuesday we had DDM and then Elder H. (our ZL) and I went on
exchanges in our area. It was a ton of fun and we had a ton of
success! We met a lot of new less actives and got some cool service
set up with them.

Wednesday we exchanged back and went and visited a few people but over
all the day was pretty low key. We had ward coordination with Brother
M. at Sub Station II and then we had Book of Mormon class which is
always interesting.

Thursday was good. We did service at meals on wheels in the morning
and then we went and did a bunch of finding in the middle of nowhere.
We found a lot of crazy people and it was fun. We went to visit a
former investigator who was literally right on the border of our area.
Their house was in North Carolina but their mailbox was in South
Carolina so technically they were in our area. Basically we got to
proselyte in NC! They weren’t home though so we will have to try

Friday we went to the soup kitchen and did service there. After that we went out
and did missionary work but nothing too crazy happened.

Saturday we spent a good chunk of the day doing service for one of our
recent converts sons who decided the other day that he wanted to meet
with missionaries! It was really cool and it is honestly a miracle
that he decided to meet with us. His mom (our recent convert) was very
surprised and really excited because she didn’t think it would happen!
He had been previously opposed to religion but now he is opening up.

Sunday we had some extra miles for the month so we decided to go out
into the far outreaches of our area. We saw some crazy people and
beautiful landscapes and it was a lot of fun.


You might be able to tell that my care level and attention plummeted
as I was writing this email. I started getting distracted and then ran
out of time. So sorry if this email was kinda vague.

It was honestly a super good week and we had a TON of fun. I am
starting to like the country now.

Anyway, I gotta go. I will try to have a more solid email next week!


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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