6 months with the Neffmaster

Monday was a lot of fun! We went down to Greenville for the day and went to the trampoline park with a bunch of other missionaries. It was lots of fun and then I went to steak and shake for the first time and it was way good. Super good food for a really good price.

Tuesday we had DDM and then Elder F. (one of the Union Elders who are in our district) went on exchanges. It was a pretty good exchange although a lot of our appointments fell through which was a bummer. We did service for a family in the ward who needed some help with painting which was fun. It was a pretty good day although not a ton of success happened in missionary work.

Wednesday we exchanged back with the Union elders which always takes a long time because they live over 45 minutes away. This district is HUGE geographically which makes travel difficult sometimes. After that we had Ward Coordination with Brother M. and then did a little bit of missionary work. We finished the night with Book of Mormon class as usual.

Thursday we had a lot of fun! We did service for some non-members on their property and it was a lot of work. They live out in the middle of nowhere and their property is super overgrown so they had a lot of yard work for us to do. We were there for a good chunk of time but we are going to have to come back again because of how much work there was. It was literally a jungle in there and we almost got our car stuck trying to drive onto the property. After we worked on their yard we shared a spiritual thought with them and one of the non members said she was really wanting to get her life together and started asking us about baptism. Obviously we were glad to talk with her about that. We will be meeting with them again soon and hopefully good things come from that. The rest of the day was pretty low key and nothing too crazy happened.

Friday our morning was spent in the soup kitchen like usual. It’s always an adventure there. After that we had weekly planning and then we went and did some tracting. Finding new people out here is unfortunately really slow, and we have to live with the reality of uneventful times unless we are in a lesson. In the evening we took our dinner last thing of the day and had a cookout with the other Gaffney Elders. Elder A. made some Palmetto Cheeseburgers which were fabulous. In the middle of grilling we got hit with a MASSIVE thunderstorm, so we cooked and ate our burgers underneath a pavilion at our apartment complex in the middle of a torrential rainstorm. People probably thought we were crazy but we weren’t giving up the little food we had. It was worth it too, cause they were way good.

Saturday was a bit weird. We had a lesson with our recent convert M. and she wasn’t doing so well. It was a really intense lesson and she basically told us that she didn’t feel accepted or liked at church. We resolved a few of her concerns and then she asked if she was still allowed to come to church, which we obviously told her yes. She seemed to think that people there didn’t like her nor wanted her there. It’s interesting how hard it can be for new members of the church. I think that as lifetime members we don’t understand why new people don’t just fit in because this is what we have known our entire lives, and we can’t imagine not fitting in here. The church is weird to outsiders, and we gotta understand that and help people make the adjustments necessary.

In the afternoon we had a funny experience. I looked at the phone and saw that we had a missed call from President Innes, which obviously put me on edge because today was leadership/transfer calls. I called President back and he didn’t answer, so I sat in suspense for a good long time before finally I couldn’t take it so I called him again. He laughed and said that he didn’t mean to call us, so it was actually a false alarm. It still scared me half to death though, and made part of the day anxiety filled.

Sunday was pretty good. Nothing too crazy happened. Our recent convert didn’t show up which was a bummer. We are kinda worried about her.


Today Elder N. and I found out that we will be staying together for another transfer! That makes 6 months together, which is pretty rare. It’s all good though cause we get along well.

Anyway, that’s the week. Nothing too crazy, but we had some fun stuff happen.

This week I had the chance to hear a sermon from someone in the Salvation Army Soup Kitchen. It made me realize that though we are the only true church, there are many good people out there who have some truth in their life. As members I think sometimes we assume that because we are the only church with the fullness, every other church is evil and the spirit cannot dwell there. It’s good to remember that the Spirit witnesses of truth and non members can have spiritual experiences when truth is being shown to them. Knowing this makes me want to help them so that they can have even more of the joy they feel from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Just a thought.

Well, I gotta get going. Thanks for all of the emails and support you send!


Elder Jeremiah Brown


Elder M. and I. He was in my ward at BYU during summer semester.



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