Oh look the sun died

Well today’s email is gonna be way short cause everyone is going crazy
and we are getting a full solar eclipse here. It should be really cool
but it is going to affect my emailing.

Basically this week was about the same as last week. Nothing too crazy
has happened and there weren’t a whole lot of developments in
missionary work.

I will give a few highlights on the week.

On Tuesday we went on exchanges in Union which was fun. Union is even
more out there than Gaffney. Nothing too crazy happened on the

We saw a lot of crazy people, rednecks, and did some service for a
less active family on their property and helped them try to pull out
an old tractor stuck in the woods.

Our recent convert has been out of town for the last few weeks so
there hasn’t been any development there.

That was most of the week. I’m don’t have much more to talk about and
I am running out of time to type this up.

Sorry Mom for the vagueness of this email… it’s probably my worst one yet.

Anyway, I gotta go get situated for the eclipse. Talk to you all later!


Elder Jeremiah Brown

Pic: Gaffney in a nutshell


Elder Brown’s area is within the point of totality for the solar eclipse.  It will be interesting to hear what his experience viewing it was like.



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