Another good week

So this week was really great! We found some new people and had some
good success!

I didn’t keep a good record of this week and I only have about 15
minutes to write this so this email is gonna be a bit short.

On Monday we did nothing for P Day, yet it was the highlight of our
week. We just sat around and rested, which was good for a change.

In the evening we had an appointment with a referral we received from
a member and it went awesome! Her name was C. and though she is
really determined to stay with her current church, we had a great
lesson with her and the Spirit was very strong. You could tell that it
was working on her because it she is opening up more and more to us.
It was a great appointment and honestly I think that Elder N. and I
learned more about ourselves than she did from us.

Tuesday I went on exchanges in Union and had a good time. We went to
some trailer parks and found some people. We were having
trouble finding one less active’s trailer so we asked the neighbors and
they told us that they lived way out in the woods and we would have to
walk to the edge of the property. They told us to stop at the edge of
the property though because they have dogs that will attack us.
Apparently the way you get ahold of these people is you stand on the
edge of the property and let the dogs bark at you, but they won’t
attack you if you don’t go on the property. The residents hear the
dogs bark and basically use it as a doorbell. It was just a weird
place. The members were nice but didn’t want to come to church.

Wednesday we had ward coordination in the morning and Brother M.
told us that we would have to make it quick because he had a lot going
on. We talked with him about what was going on and decided to help him
out with some of the work they were doing on their house.

We had no idea what we had gotten ourselves into. We ended up spending
all day moving 10 tons of gravel into a ditch in front of a wall. It
was a lot more difficult than it sounds. Once we got home it was late
and I pretty much dropped on the bed cause I was so tired.

Thursday we went on exchanges with the other Gaffney elders, which
went good. We had another appointment with C. and it went pretty
good, though not as good as the former one. She is really trying to
make herself a better person, we are just struggling to get her in the
right direction. We are hoping coming to church will help do that.

Friday we went to the soup kitchen in the morning and then interviews
with president right after that. The total time it took to drive there
early, have interviews, and drive home literally took the entire rest
of the day because interviews were behind by almost 2 hours.

Saturday was pretty dull and not a whole lot happened. I was pretty
sick and tired so we didn’t get a whole lot done. We did a lot of
planning and didn’t have too much success with finding new people.

Sunday was absolute madness. C. got a stomach virus so she wasn’t
able to come to church, which was a bummer. Aside from that church
went pretty well. Right after church we went out with Brother G.
and visited people the entire day. We met a lot of actives and less
actives in the ward and it was a really good experience. Brother
G. is a really incredible guy too. He named all of the roads in
the county and named quite a few of them after Book of Mormon
prophets. He also named the road next to the dump Lemuel, haha.
Anyway, we didn’t get back until late and that was basically our day.


Anyway, that was my week. Sorry that I didn’t include as much detail
as I normally do. I am very short on time.

Thank you all for the support you send my way! I really appreciate all of it!

Until next week,

Elder Jeremiah Brown

This is the trailer with the dogs and stuff:




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