So this email is gonna be short and lame. I am feeling terrible and it hasn’t been that spectacular of a week. Basically my companion and I are diseased and feeling terrible, and I am just not feeling it right now. On second thought actually, I am feeling it right now. And by feeling it, I mean feeling endless rivers of liquid death coarse through my intestines as I type this. Also, please forgive any choppiness in this email, as I am having to frequently leave the computer and cast out demons in the bathroom. Sorry for the detail, just be glad you aren’t me.

Basically this week consisted of us getting smartphones, facebook, and yeah basically that’s it. Ok, so I guess it is a big deal, but I never was a huge fan of facebook in the first place and I thought I was taking a two year break when I came out here. Having Facebook is officially the weirdest thing. When I got on for the first time in almost 2 years, I was kinda expecting the world to have changed. I think being cut off for so long makes missionaries form wild ideas about how much the world has changed and how cool it will be to get back into it, but, as you can imagine, I was kinda dissapointed. Basically everyone just got older and had babies and stuff. The world didn’t change that much. It made me less excited to go home than I had been previously. I mean, I love it out here, but it is natural to sometimes be excited about things back home. Getting on Facebook took a lot of that away. But yeah, it’s fun stuff, and it’s really useful for getting information on less actives and investigators.

Having smartphones is way nice though. We are spoiled to say the least.

The last few days have been a complete blur of sickness. Elder S. came down with a really bad cold (ironically right after he got the flu shot) and I came down with who knows what. We’ve been off and on resting and going out and working. We’re kinda pathetic honestly. Two diseased guys in nice clothes going from trailer to trailer trying to talk to people.

Anyways, hopefully we start to feel better soon. I don’t think I can handle it much longer.

Again, I apologize for the content and quality of this email.

Well, I gotta go! I will talk more next week.


Elder Jeremiah Brown

p.s. Never swallow jalapenos whole.


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