My apologies

Hey guys,

So this is going to be my only email today, weekly and all (sorry family). I am not doing too well, just getting over a cold, and I have pretty much no time to type this out today.
Things this week weren’t too bad, and we had some fun times and even met a few new people, though nothing really noteworthy. I can pretty much sum this week up by saying that we did a lot of backwoods stomping and met and saw a lot of crazy people, guns, etc.
Today we found out we will be losing a car in the ward, which means we have to bike every other day. I just can’t seem to escape biking in horrible places.
We did service for Brother M. on Wednesday at his warehouse. He owns a huge old abandoned warehouse that he’s fixing up, and we helped him organize a HUGE amount of lightbulbs. That was a ton of fun.
Other than that, nothing too notable happened this week.
I gotta get going soon. Thanks for all the emails and all! I promise a good email next week!
Elder Jeremiah Brown

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