First week in the burg

Well it’s been a crazy week. Kinda stressful week as well. Where do I begin?

Spartanburg is awesome! I am really liking it here and my companion Elder B. is way cool so we are having a blast here. Elder B. is a very good (and healthy) cook, so I am eating better than I have anywhere else on my mission. My body is rediscovering what vegetables are.

Spartanburg 2nd Ward (or at least our part of it) covers the towns of Duncan, Lyman, and Welford. It is very middle class, which is very nice for missionary work, although after serving in Gaffney and Windsor Lake for the last year it seemed very upper class at first. Like literally, our ghetto is the equivalent of the upper class of East Gaffney (the part of Gaffney we covered).

Monday and Tuesday were the bulk of this week’s stress. Trying to cram a week’s worth of work into two days was madness. Lots of time was spent saying goodbyes to people and packing up all of our stuff. We said final goodbyes to Sister B. on Monday evening and then said goodbye to Sister S. and her son J. on Tuesday evening. Many of you probably saw pictures of that on Facebook.

Wednesday was good but rough. We transferred early in the morning and I went straight to Spartanburg rather than going to the Transfer Meeting in Columbia, because Spartanburg is right next to Gaffney. I spent the day running off of 3ish hours of sleep and it was bad. We also happened to have tons of service planned in for most of the day so I got wrecked. We moved literally thousands of canned goods from the community center to a storage unit, and then afterward we went to Habitat for Humanity and did demolition on old furniture for them. It was very fun putting sledge hammers into entertainment centers, but it was very tiring. I slept very well that night.

Thursday we went to the community center again (we normally only go on Wednesdays) because they were critically in need of some help. We moved even more cans, and I definitely wore myself out. After that we went and had an appointment with a less active sister. We answered a lot of questions she had about D&C and then she committed to going to church this week, without us asking at all! From there we went to go see a potential named E. He was really nice and we had a good conversation with him. We are probably going to dinner with him next week, so that should be good. After we visited E., we had some dinner and then went to see a less active part member family. To our surprise, the non member wife started asking us a lot of questions about the Book of Mormon and then we had a really awesome lesson with her and her husband. She basically said everything a missionary dreams an investigator would say, like “Why don’t people try this out. I don’t understand why it’s any different from trying out any other church.” Basically we had a killer lesson with her and good things are going to happen there in the future.
After that we went and had a lesson with a less active family and it went really good. We talked to them a lot about the Book of Mormon and why it completes the Bible. Then, after that, we went and I was introduced to a recent convert family. Their 12 year old son J. is the only active one anymore and he is something else. Imagine untreated ADHD mixed with the wildest imagination you’ve ever heard of, plus teenage hormones. It was a fun visit and a good way to end the day. Anyways, Thursday was way good overall.

Friday was pretty good. We did weekly planning and then went and visited a less active family who’s son we are trying to get back into church. We basically hung out with him for a while and tried to slip in some gospel motivation here and there. Hopefully we will get him to church soon.

Saturday we had to go to Gaffney to get some stuff I had left behind, help wrap up the closing of the apartment, and hit the pharmacy. It was a pretty busy day overall but not a lot happened.

Sunday was really good. Church was awesome and I got to officially meet the ward. They are all way cool. Nothing else too notable happened during the day aside from us having an amazing fast breaking feast and getting in contact with a long lost less active.

Overall, it was a way good week! I am still getting used to the hustle and bustle here, as the work here is much faster paced. I suppose the exponential difference in population has a bit to do with that.

Anyways, I gotta get going. My computer time is about up. Thanks for all you do!


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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