Another week

So this week was good. Due to some scheduling conflicts though, I have hardly any time to email today. Not that I ever have much time to email, but this ones gonna be short.

Anyways this week wasn’t nearly as fast paced as last week, but it was still good!

Monday we spent the day in Gaffney with the Gaffney Elders. It was kinda weird going back to my old area but it was fun. We just hung out and played games.

Tuesday we had DDM and I went on exchanges with Elder Br. in Boiling Springs. It was way fun and we had a lot of good stuff happen. Elder B. and Elder E. (who swapped places with me for the day) had a really good lesson with our investigator B., so that was awesome!

Wednesday we exchanged back and then went to do some service for the MTCC. After that we went to Habitat for Humanity and did some more demolition service for them, which was fun. We finished the night by having Book of Mormon class, which went a lot better than last weeks because we actually had people show up.

Not a whole lot happened on Thursday but in the evening we had a dinner appointment with a non member and her member friends, which was awesome. They took us out to a really nice Italian restaurant and it was way good. After that we had an appointment with a recent convert, which went well.

Friday and Saturday were pretty slow, but weren’t bad. We just didn’t have a whole lot happen.

Sunday was really good. Our investigators didn’t come, which we were bummed out about, but they had a pretty good excuse.

They asked us to come over later, because apparently they had some really weird, creepy stuff happening in their house, and it got really bad right when they were getting ready for church. I won’t go into too much detail, but Satan is working hard to scare them away. We blessed the house and had a good discussion with them. We also had a good visit with Brother T., a less active member.

Anyways, that was about all that happened this week. Sorry this email is kinda vague, we keep cramming too much into our P-Days.

I’ll talk more next week! Thanks for everything!


Elder Jeremiah Brown


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